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The Pond is the quest for the Koi Pond and Pond Lab areas. It tasks the player with exploring all of the pond and the lab inside it. To enter the Pond Lab, the player must first enter through the Pond Depths and travel to the center of the cave to the main section of the Pond Lab entrance. To make this journey the player should make a Bubble Helmet and some Fin Flops for the journey, as well ....

Sunken Outpost BURG.L Chip Location Grounded. How to get Sunken Outpost BURG.L Chip in Grounded. You can find Grounded Sunken Outpost BURG.L Chip location fo...grounded deutsch / grounded gameplay / grounded tipps und tricks / grounded 1.0 / grounded tips and tricksDu bekommst von BURG.L die Aufgabe, alle Chips und ...

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Players should then follow these steps to find the Grave Robbery BURG.L Chip: Stick to the right until a chamber with red moss on the wall is entered. Look to the left and pass through the tunnel ...Analyze Crude Rope to unlock the recipe for creating a Canteen. Find Acorns by the oak tree and break them open with a hammer. Analyze Acorn Shells for Water Containers to help store excess water ...Haze Burgl Chip is now a nightmare . I jumped back into this game after some time. Was looking for the haze burgl chip to get the smithing station. I'm following this old walkthrough and when I go to the room where the haze chip is supposed to be it's filled with infected mites, larva and a ladybug. I'm playing solo…i have no idea how I ...This video shows you how to get the Pond Super Chip by completing the Pond Lab in Grounded. Short, sweet, and efficient, I hope it can help anyone looking. ...

Go to the sandbox first, kill all the anti lions and get into the salt mine. (I used ant lion armor and the great sword). Use the salt to make a salt morning star. I leveled it up and used that, as well as stinger spear. The morning star has a chance to stun the termites.Oct 3, 2022 · Booting the computer opens the final door downstairs which leads to the Pond Hatch, a quick entrance and exit to the Pond Lab. With the Super Chip in hand, return to BURGL and claim your reward!When you see BURGL again and return the Hedge Lab Chip, he'll update your objectives and these will include finding three new labs. One of these is the Pond Lab , which is where you can find the ...Found a 8th field station northeast of the armed raspberry punch-o, in a structure in the pond and didn't know if you knew about it because it wasn't marked on any of the maps

The Mossy Key is an important item in Grounded that unlocks a treasure chest at the entrance of the Pond Depths. The purpose of the key is to open the treasure chest containing the Sunken Outpost BURG.L Chip. It is located within a long underwater tunnel. In order to get to the key, make sure to equip your Bubble Helmet and Fin Flops.----- Become a Member today - https://www.youtube.com/c/simalotgames/join👌 Subscribe today - http... ….

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Pond burgl chip. Possible cause: Not clear pond burgl chip.

Hey peeps! With these past updates, and redoing the quests, I must have forgotten something. Burgl says my last chip is in the black anthill, the entrance is "near" the sandbox. When I did the Black Lab, I entered from inside the sandbox and came out by the garden hose. No chip is flashing on my map, yet burgl says he added it to my map.Sep 19, 2022 · Join this channel to get access to perks:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOsyXAY3Rkfkdq2E8lLev-w/joinThe Home Of Crafting/farming Indie and survival Games N...Grounded Pond Lab Guide | Pond Lab Super BURG.L Chip. February 12, 2021 by Kingslayer. The Pond Lab is an Ominent Lab located in the depths of Koi Pond. It is a hidden place under the water that you have to find out. To enter Pond Lab, you have to go through different difficulties and fight some mysterious insects.

#Grounded #Groundedespañol Hola chicos y chicas en el vídeo de hoy os traigo una guía completa de todos los chips BURGL y donde encontrarlos en Grounded, esp...Advanced Smithing: Armor Plates and Glue. How to buy Advanced Smithing: Armor Plates and Glue from Burgl? Wiki says it's avaliable for purchase after you bring Hedge chip to Burgl. I did it. No recipe. So i brought another one just in case, from the pond, and still no recipe. What am i doing wrong? You probably aren't on the current PTS.

oklahoma most wanted 2023 There are 10 BURG.L Chips in the Grounded backyard after the 1.o release. This video guide shows where all BURG.L Chips are, how to get to them and what reci...Sour Staff. The Sour Staff is a Tier III ranged weapon that offers good damage, maximum stun, and very high speed capability. It requires a Workbench as well as collecting Sour Globs, Pinecone ... school closings holly mill flooring wichita CANDY CONUDRUM BURGL CHIP. Where is it? Pretty sure that's the one in the sandbox lab but you have to complete the black ant hill lab first to unlock it. There is an Antlion "stuck" in the ground near the chip in the middle of the Sandbox.2:16 – Pond BURG.L Chip: In the Pond Lab Dome 2:52 – Sunken Outpost BURG.L Chip: Locked chest in the Pond depths 5:35 – Haze BURG.L Chip: Inside the Haze Lab 6:34 – Picnic BURG.L Chip: Inside a locked Chest in the maze on the Picnic Table 7:56 – Black Ant Hill BURG.L Chip: At the end of the Black Ant Lab Quest craigslist merced ca cars for sale by owner Stump Lab Guide in Grounded. This lab is called The Stump Lab and its an optional mini lab that you can find up inside the tree stump in the north east side of the Grounded backyard. The lab itself is really fun and although we say its optional you will find the Stump Auxiliary Chip and Orchid Mantis Kebab Recipe Location inside The Stump Lab. allergy count dcbrandon blackstock heightfood city bristol tn weekly ad In this video guide i will show you how to find ant hill burgl chip and the rotten bee shoulder pads in Grounded. The ant hill contains some raw science and ...NEW Grounded Hot and Hazy UPDATE Tutorial covering everything you need to know about...How to Unlock Salt Glob recipe in GroundedCompleting the Tasteful Asce... animal transformation deviantart Grounded Walkthrough: BURGL Super Chip and Lab Locations. The yard is a big place. Guide by James Billcliffe Guides Editor. Published on Oct. 3, 2022. Follow Grounded. The world of Grounded is a ...Chipsleuth - Grave Robbery quest BURGL CHIP and the locations of all loot items inside the ANTHILL.GROUNDED PLAYLIST - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... bandogs for salearizona emissions testing locationscancel mercari offer The Hedge Super Chip will be in the next room on a desk. Pond Super Chip. The Pond Super Chip can be found inside the Pond Dome Lab, as shown in the picture below.